Benefits of singing while working

Many people presume that singing is only for the gifted people but on the contrary, singing can be learned by anyone if interested. People mostly conserve singing for special holidays and events happening in their lives forgetting that it beneficial in their day to day lives. Singing lightens people up by making them happy and cheerful. If you have ever dreamt of singing to the top of your voice, don’t wait for the special moment, start now.Below are some of the benefits of singing while working provided by Paving Woodbridge NJ company.
One of the major benefits of singing is the factor that singing acts as a form of anti-depressant. Research shows that it releases a type of chemical in the brain that creates a sense of relief and pleasure. It also elevates your moods and makes us happy. Research also show that it singing is a form of stress reliever, by reducing our stress hormones found in our bloodstreams. through singing, you are able to increase the blood circulation in your body and in return blood is able to reach into your brain. By getting more blood in your brain, you are able to increase your alertness, concentration, and memory.
If you have a hard time at work presenting yourself and interacting with your client, singing will definitely help you out. It has been proven to improve the self-confidence of individual when they stand in front of people probably in the church or during Karaoke night to sing. Other than that, it helps one improve their communication skills through writing and reading of lyrics.
When you sing constantly, your immune system is also able to improve, by producing more antibodies in the body. if you are experiencing any type of sleeping disorder due to work related stress like sleep apnea or snoring, singing is the best cure. Research has proved that, singing help strengthen you throat and muscle to stop the two sleeping disorder. Apart from that, singing is a form of workout fro the lungs.


secrets about listening to music that calms the soul.

If there is something that could help human life to be better is music. In most cases music is entertaining and it must be played in celebrations and events. Even during worst times like burials you will never miss music being played. For this reason music is more of necessity to every event conducted by human beings in a daily basis.

Musicians say listening to music is the solution of all the problems we face in life. When you fill you are too much down, then for a moment you listen to the best music song you love, you will fill like you are well again. Music also brings memories back to normal. At some point of time in life, you could be thinking of something so hard until your brain is full capacity thinking. This might cause headache but the best remedy for this situation is to listen to music.

Secret benefits one has by listening to music.

1) Carpet Edison nj music reduces chronic pain. A person in pain requires calmness. Listening to music calm the body since it makes the person to concentrate on what the song says. As a result chronic pain will reduce down since nerves in the brain will concentrate more in music than pain felt.

2) Music improves moods. If your moods are not as you expected, Hardwork makes music a remedy for you. It makes you relaxed and ready to move on with life regardless of the situation you are at the moment.

3) Music helps in decreasing blood pressure. People with high blood pressure need calm and happy moods. When you listen to the best carpet Edison nj music song or even any other song you love most initiates happiness and calmness. As a result you will reduce high blood pressure to some considerable levels.

4) Enhance ability to learn. Music is not just about words but the content of the song. In most case carpet Edison nj songs are full of information about life issues. Therefore listening to the boost your learning.

5) Boost immunity of the body. For our bodies to work well, we need calmness and relaxation. There I no other best thing that relaxes man than music. This boost immunity by making hormones to function well in our bodies.

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Where Do We Go Next?

Enough with the complaining. You know that I don’t love where the music business is headed right now. However, I am still hopeful that we can bring great art back to the world music scene. I believe that there are great future artists that will get their music out to the whole world. So how do we get there?
The first step, is disenfranchisement. Many of us will become more and more dissatisfied with the shallow nature of the music we hear. Radio is becoming more and more obsolete, we have the internet, we can find the future of good music. We don’t need money to create and spread music around the world anymore. We also know the monetary value of music is dropping.
So the path forward is something that has to come from true artistry. The people that just want to make great music, not get famous. When we strip away all of the superficial pieces from the art and just focus on connecting with our audience. When we choose to reflect our true self to the world through music, not a picture perfect image.
It is going to require a bunch of people that love artists like Dave Grohl, who encourage us to make great music and real music, to turn this around.
Foo Fighters is an awesome band, and they deserve a shout out. So do my pals over at sisbro. You can find them at there website.
So, if you are dissatisfied with the music world, then change it. Let’s start making great art and ignoring the nonsense of popularity contests. Pick up an instrument, actually sing a song, write your own songs. Together we can do this!


Why Democracy is Bad for Music

I want to start by saying, I personally love democracy. I love apple pie, baseball and all things America. Just not American Idol. I hate the idea. Let’s reduce all of the hard work, talent and hustle required to be a true artists, and reduce it to a decent voice, good looks, and being likable.

You know who would have never won American Idol? Either of the singers from Blink-182. I know, I know they are bad singers, but they had something. The world needed snotty voiced kids singing about dumb things and girls. Our generation was able to find our voice through that. No one finds their voice through THE VOICE.

If you don’t like that example, what about Freddy Mercury? Sure he blew all of our socks off, but he was pretty goofy looking. Not the Taylor Hicks, old people like me, kind of funny either. He had a weird mustache, funky teeth and a goofy smile. Do you think David Bowie would have won The Voice? Doubt it.

All I’m saying is, creativity, artistry, and hunger for the music is what makes great singers, bands, and overall music scene. There is nothing about our current market that really inspires the next generation to make amazing music. Other than those of us that want to be contrarians.

Whatever you think about pop music, there at least used to be more true artists in the genre. I mean Third Eye Blind used to be the “silly pop” band. Now we are begging for someone that authentic.

That is why democracy is not the key to good music.

2011 sing democracy
2011 sing democracy

The Day The Music Died

Ok, there is no specific day the music died. To be hopeful, there is no way the music will ever die. Our world yearns for the beauty of true artistic expression that gives us the ability to cope, celebrate, and make the world better. However, we all can see that the music that has become the most popular recently, tends to be shallow.

Everything that we hear on Top 40 radio seems to be written by the same 10 people, and the “artists” singing the songs are really just a visual filler. Since we can truly program all of our music from a computer, music sounding good requires no human musical talent. A good producer, pop songwriter, and a pretty face will always produce a hit, especially when the record company pays money to get it on the radio.

It seems that we are all driving down this highway, flooded with music, but we can’t get to our exit because rocks (the pop songs) are being kicked our way by mac trucks (the industry). We cannot cut through the noise, and now we need to get an Replacement from the industry so called music.

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So Much Noise but No Real Sounds


I recently took a music history class so that I could check off my music elective for college.  It was surprisingly an interesting course, and I was fascinated with the evolution of music over the last few centuries.

In some of the major growing pains of our culture came some of the most beautiful and genre-shifting music.  Great composers like Beethoven and Mozart have musical masterpieces played still to this day.

Over the years, new forms of music have surfaced and with the use of technology, music began to change really in the mid-1900’s.

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guy singing a beautiful tune.
guy singing a beautiful tune.

In the Beginning there was Song

As creations made in God’s image, we were created to sing and make a joyful noise unto the Lord.  It is an innate need weaved into the fabric of our being to worship Him who made the heavens and the earth.

From the beginning of recorded history, we have found ways to create music and use it to express emotion and worship.  Since then, music has shaped cultures and even defines who we are today.  It is a means of expression that connects not only the souls of the musician but to those listening.

As with most things influential, the music industry has been taken over by those looking to fill their pockets with money.  It has become less about the God-given creative ability to express one’s self in a manner that frees the soul and more about getting rich.

In today’s 21st century western culture, this superficial reality has never ringed so true.  Turn on the radio to almost every channel and you will be bombarded with ankle deep lyrics combined with repetitive melodies.  This wave of music that breeds fake and shallow individuals is brought to you by none other than the greedy music industry big shots.

If you have the right look and connect with the right people, you could be the next rock star or pop idol!  The need for actual musical talent is no longer required because technology today covers up the imperfections.  The result is perfect sounding music with perfect looking stars that sell.

How long will we be subject to this insanity and starve our souls for something of more substance and creativity!?

character singing
character singing