In the Beginning there was Song

As creations made in God’s image, we were created to sing and make a joyful noise unto the Lord.  It is an innate need weaved into the fabric of our being to worship Him who made the heavens and the earth.

From the beginning of recorded history, we have found ways to create music and use it to express emotion and worship.  Since then, music has shaped cultures and even defines who we are today.  It is a means of expression that connects not only the souls of the musician but to those listening.

As with most things influential, the music industry has been taken over by those looking to fill their pockets with money.  It has become less about the God-given creative ability to express one’s self in a manner that frees the soul and more about getting rich.

In today’s 21st century western culture, this superficial reality has never ringed so true.  Turn on the radio to almost every channel and you will be bombarded with ankle deep lyrics combined with repetitive melodies.  This wave of music that breeds fake and shallow individuals is brought to you by none other than the greedy music industry big shots.

If you have the right look and connect with the right people, you could be the next rock star or pop idol!  The need for actual musical talent is no longer required because technology today covers up the imperfections.  The result is perfect sounding music with perfect looking stars that sell.

How long will we be subject to this insanity and starve our souls for something of more substance and creativity!?

character singing
character singing

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Sing! was a national vocal talent competition designed to shine the spotlight on choirs, choruses, gospel singers, glee clubs and vocal groups around the country. The contest will begin by online vote and culminate in live performances at 13 Developers Diversified Realty shopping centers throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Now a days we write about music and god.

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