Where Do We Go Next?

Enough with the complaining. You know that I don’t love where the music business is headed right now. However, I am still hopeful that we can bring great art back to the world music scene. I believe that there are great future artists that will get their music out to the whole world. So how do we get there?
The first step, is disenfranchisement. Many of us will become more and more dissatisfied with the shallow nature of the music we hear. Radio is becoming more and more obsolete, we have the internet, we can find the future of good music. We don’t need money to create and spread music around the world anymore. We also know the monetary value of music is dropping.
So the path forward is something that has to come from true artistry. The people that just want to make great music, not get famous. When we strip away all of the superficial pieces from the art and just focus on connecting with our audience. When we choose to reflect our true self to the world through music, not a picture perfect image.
It is going to require a bunch of people that love artists like Dave Grohl, who encourage us to make great music and real music, to turn this around.
Foo Fighters is an awesome band, and they deserve a shout out. So do my pals over at sisbro. You can find them at there website.
So, if you are dissatisfied with the music world, then change it. Let’s start making great art and ignoring the nonsense of popularity contests. Pick up an instrument, actually sing a song, write your own songs. Together we can do this!


Author: 2011sing

Sing! was a national vocal talent competition designed to shine the spotlight on choirs, choruses, gospel singers, glee clubs and vocal groups around the country. The contest will begin by online vote and culminate in live performances at 13 Developers Diversified Realty shopping centers throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Now a days we write about music and god.

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