Why Democracy is Bad for Music

I want to start by saying, I personally love democracy. I love apple pie, baseball and all things America. Just not American Idol. I hate the idea. Let’s reduce all of the hard work, talent and hustle required to be a true artists, and reduce it to a decent voice, good looks, and being likable.

You know who would have never won American Idol? Either of the singers from Blink-182. I know, I know they are bad singers, but they had something. The world needed snotty voiced kids singing about dumb things and girls. Our generation was able to find our voice through that. No one finds their voice through THE VOICE.

If you don’t like that example, what about Freddy Mercury? Sure he blew all of our socks off, but he was pretty goofy looking. Not the Taylor Hicks, old people like me, kind of funny either. He had a weird mustache, funky teeth and a goofy smile. Do you think David Bowie would have won The Voice? Doubt it.

All I’m saying is, creativity, artistry, and hunger for the music is what makes great singers, bands, and overall music scene. There is nothing about our current market that really inspires the next generation to make amazing music. Other than those of us that want to be contrarians.

Whatever you think about pop music, there at least used to be more true artists in the genre. I mean Third Eye Blind used to be the “silly pop” band. Now we are begging for someone that authentic.

That is why democracy is not the key to good music.

2011 sing democracy
2011 sing democracy

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